Do not forget to codesign your Mac App

Don’t want an alert when someone wants to install your app?

Import Certificates

To codesign your Mac App, you need developerID_application.cer and developerID_installer.cer. Both can be downloaded from “Apple Developer Panel”.

When you request the certificates above, you should have received the private key, which can be exported to Certificates.p12 in “Keychain Access”.

Keychain Access


Now we have a Mac App “”.
Assume that we have all certificates and private keys in keychain “Login”.

sudo codesign --keychain ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain-db -f -s "Developer ID Application: Zheng Wu (GXZ23M5TP2)" -v "" --deep


productbuild --component "" "/Applications" --sign "Developer ID Installer: Zheng Wu (GXZ23M5TP2)" --product "" "XXTStudio_Mac.pkg"